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It has been a dream of mine to cross the USA in a way other than driving for quite some time.


My passion is running, not cycling, and while living in Madrid, I have upped my mileage and mapped out a new goal. 

To make a long story short, I finished the Peace Corps in Colombia in 2014. I then moved to Madrid, Spain for a teaching job, which is where I live today.

I´m crossing the country for them. While running and walking, I´ll be raising money for organizations that help people struggling with addiction get back on their feet.

My Dad and I used to talk about cycling across the US when I was a kid during our frequent weekend bike rides to Roanoke, Indiana. I had planned on cycling across the country in 2013 upon finishing the United States Peace Corps in Honduras.

However, this 3,000 mile journey isn´t just about me. It´s about the millions of Americans suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

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