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We'd love to see you out on the road. That's why we've mapped out every day of the journey. Click on the links below to see detailed routes in your area, then shoot us a message at @ChrisCrossTheNation on Facebook and Instagram to let us know you'd like to run with Chris.


Oh, and bring snacks, we'll be hungry. 


Week 1 (New York City to Ashland, Pennsylvania)

Week 2 (Ashland, Pennsylvania to Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania)

Week 3 (Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania to Acme, Ohio)

Week 4 (Acme, Ohio to Grover Hill, Ohio)

Week 5 (Grover Hill, Ohio to Battle Ground, Indiana)

Week 6 (Battle Ground, Indiana to Cornland, Illinois)

Week 7 (Cornland, Illinois to Curryville, Missouri)

Week 8 (Curryville, Missouri to Green Ridge, Missouri)

Week 9 (Green Ridge, Missouri to Neosho Rapids, Kansas)

Week 10 (Neosho Rapids, Kansas to Chase, Kansas)

Week 11 (Chase, Kansas to Ingalls, Kansas)

Week 12 (Ingalls, Kansas to Richfield, Kansas)

Week 13 (Richfield, Kansas to La Junta, Colorado)

Week 14 (La Junta, Colorado to Coaldale, Colorado)

Week 15 (Coaldale, Colorado to Pagosa Springs, Colorado)

Week 16 (Pagosa Springs, Colorado to Shiprock, New Mexico)

Week 17 (Shiprock, New Mexico to Kaibito, Arizona)

Week 18 (Kaibito, Arizona to Grand Canyon Village, Arizona)

Week 19 (Grand Canyon Village, Arizona to Antares, Arizona)

Week 20 (Antares, Arizona to Ludlow, California)

Week 21 (Ludlow, California to Los Angeles, California)

Week 22 (Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California)

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